Hi there. If you wish to crochet an amigurumi from one of my patterns here’s a little help with understanding the Danish crochet terms and abbreviations.

I’m going to translate my patterns and put them up on my Ravelry page as PDF-files. However this will take some time (if you would like to proof read or help translating, please let me know). Until then I’ll provide you with a list of the terms and abbreviations that I use the most. Just grab the three pictures below or scroll down and pin them using the pinterest button.


And by the way: Feel free to sell any products that you can make using my patterns and your own hands. Please provide me with a link and/or credit lityfa as the designer.
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Thank you :-)

crochet in Danish

crochet abbreviations Danish pattern

 amigurumi vocabulary and phrases Danish

 Materials for making amigurumi

  • garn: yarn
  • hæklenål: hook
  • fyld: stuffing material
  • stoppenål: darning needle
  • knappenål: pin needle
  • sikkerhedsøjne: safety eyes
  • lim: glue
  • stof: fabric
  • saks: scissors

Terms and abbreviations

  • [m]: stitch
  • [km]: slip stitch
  • [lm]: chain stitch
  • [lm-kæde]: chain 2,3,4,5..
  • [fm]: single crochet (US)/double crochet (UK)
  • [lfm]: long single crochet (US), spike stitch
  • [stm]: double crochet (US)/treble crochet (US)
  • [hstm]: half double crochet (US)/half treble crochet (UK)
  • [bm]: bubble stitch/puff stitch
  • [mr]: magic ring
  • [udt.]: increase
  • [indt.]: decrease
  • [bml/bagerste maskeled]: back loops only
  • [fml/forreste maskeled]: front loops only
  • [gent.]: repeat (*…*)
  • [omg.]: round
  • [rk]: row

Other commonly used words and phrases in Danish amigurumi patterns

  • gentag: repeat
  • hver (gang): every, every time
  • gange (…times)
  • næste: next
  • sidste: last
  • første, anden, tredje: first/initial, second/other, third
  • hele vejen rundt: all the way, across, around
  • skift: change
  • farve: colour
  • sammen: together
  • saml: join
  • afslut: finish off
  • hæft enden: weave in end
  • efterlad en ende/tråd: leave an end/a thread/tail
  • sy: sew
  • luk: close
  • tæl: count
  • sæt til: attach
  • øverst: on top
  • nederste: lower, bottom
  • under: below
  • mellem: between
  • lav: work, make
  • point: sted (e.g. move to … point)
  • assembly: montering
  • løkke: loop
  • træk: pull (through)
  • tryk: press